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Writing creatively

Writing doesn’t have to be a hairy experience

A lot of people find writing a hairy experience. They look at a blank sheet of paper as though somebody suggested they jump off a cliff edge into space. The truth is that anybody can write, once they get connected with their thoughts.

To start with, type any thoughts you have relevant to a particular subject, then you’re underway! It doesn’t matter if it makes complete sense, the point is, you’ve broken the ice and have got started.

I firmly believe that anybody can write, and there are a lot of latent and undiscovered writers out there, with fascinating stories to tell. I was so pleased last week, when visiting the hairdressers, to hear that Nurgish Watkins, who has been looking after my hair for a long time, has decided to leave her ‘day job’ after 20 years and become a full-time writer. She has been writing in her spare time for many years, and has been the recipient of one or two awards along the way. More recently, she has been writing a novel collaboratively with a partner who is based in Israel. They are writing as J C Linden, and the first fruit of their partnership, No Grave for the Orchids, has now found a publisher and is selling well online and in the local bookshop. You can sample some of the book here.  There are a couple more books in the pipeline and, thrilled with the success of the first book, J C Linden hope to develop a following and become established authors. I think it was very brave of Nurgish to leave a secure job for unknown territory, but she has found a writing voice and people like what she writes. The fulfilment that writing is giving her makes up for the uncertainty of a writer’s life. It’s a bit like jumping off that cliff edge I referred to earlier, in some ways, but Nurgish has made a safe landing and I wish her every success with many more great books that achieve publication and grow J C Linden’s readership in the next few years.

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  1. The title of this article is very captivating. I agree with you that writing will always not be a bad experience. Writing is actually very interesting. I write myself and really enjoy it a lot. I wake up and look forward to writing every day. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article with us.

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